Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kevin and Kelsey's Wedding

This was my first big project after my own wedding. I've been friends with Kevin for years, ever since high school, he was the default date that all my friends brought to dances because he was always a lot of fun. When he got engaged in 2006, I was really happy for him and his fiance Kelsey. Once wedding planning started, Kelsey was having trouble figuring out decorations. Her sister was able to do all the bouquets, but with two small boys, doing all the wedding flowers was too much to tackle. That's when I volunteered to help out. Little did I know that it would entail hours of sitting on thier livingroom floor with my glue gun and a very large glass of wine! However, I believe the results speak for themselves. Kelsey wanted a winter wedding with pink and a lot of flowers, that's what she got!

We started with centerpieces. I took circles of styrofoam and glued flowers, plastic snowflakes and bows to them. This created a nice base for the bowl of floating candles that she wanted on each table. We also stuck snowflake stickers on cheap votive holders to add to the candle light at the tables. I repurposed the large wreath's from my own wedding for use above the head table and for the entry way into the reception. I also added some flair to a card box that Kelsey had purchased. Then with some tulle and left over pew decorations, the gift table and head tables were done.

By far the largest undertaking was the two large alter arrangements. While I had made a few smaller floral arrangements, I had yet to try something so large and important. By utilizing some large glass vases that I already owned, I was able to pull it off. I won't lie, I was pretty worried it wouldn't turn out, but in the end, I didn't need to worry about it.

Upon hearing that the event planner at the church wasn't sure that it would be possible to decorate the pews, I set about proving her wrong. They didn't want us using anything sticky or permanent. Ever resourceful, I rigged a loop of wire that fit just fine without doing any damage.

I alternated the floral swag that I put together with hanging flowers and ribbon, with the smaller one using tulle, a snowflake and ribbon. The effect, as seen in the picture at the beginning, was just what the bride wanted. I also did a little last mintue fix to the unity candles, plain white looked a lot better with some ribbon and swaravski crystal beads. I think everyone was happy with the outcome!

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  1. You did a beautiful job! It was a perfect day made better by your decorations and dedication to getting the job done!